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Drone Solutions

JayByrd Films is a global leading Aerial Production Company. We specialize in all things drones; including heavylift, aerial lighting, aerial hyper lapses, and are best known for our FPV cinema and one-take fly-throughs. Our team consists of seasoned cinematographers, legendary pilots, amazing producers, world-class editors & sound engineers that push the limits of filmmaking. We create, capture and edit awe-inspiring footage making the most engaging and immersive content in the industry.


From sub 250 gram micro drone set ups to heavy lift FPV drones, we have a fleet of drones and the latest technology to meet the needs of each project. We are able to capture angles that haven't been seen before and put viewers in the middle of the action. With complete control and precision we are able to operate in close proximity to talent and objects like never before.

Heavylift & Aerial Light

Flying large payloads to capture your needs with our high frame rate WAVE camera or other large digital cameras is made simple with our drone systems. No matter what your needs, we can make it a possibility. 


Remotely operated aerial lighting systems offer possibilities to expand the creative potential of your film. These drones are equipped with incredibly powerful lumen outputs and wireless control.


Drone hyper-lapses offer the ability to maximize the beauty of a landscape, create more dynamic aerial shots, or capture the transformation of a location or project.

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